Eye of Horus Retonement

The second activation is the Eye of Horus. I see and feel a big eye in the back of the head. I was told this structure was accepted by humanity with the thought it would retain knowledge. Now it is holds people to the past, keeping them a state of waiting for the past to come back. This structure is removed and three light beams come in from Creator, they are clear, neon colors. A triangle is formed and the beams connect in the back of the Heart charka. This enables the receiver to have a clear path to Divine will. Aligning with Divine Will can open your vision, deepen your intuition, release limitations, liberate your spirit from the bonds of matter, and enable you to create your highest future. As you beckon Divine Will to you, you become more conscious of your higher path and of those activities that fulfill your soul's purposes for being on earth. As you retune Divine Will to you, you become more conscious of the plan of humanity, your soul and its higher purpose, the Masters and Enlightened Ones, and the larger whole of which you are a part .It sets the energy up for the transition of going from working with Masters to being the Divine working Master. Thy will, will be done on EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.